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The First Annual 4/20 Extravaganza has Begun:
A new sale starts every day this week, and all sales are valid until 4/20.

Happy Easter:
This is the final day of the 4/20 Extravaganza.
All deals below are still valid until 7pm tonight, April 20.
Today's deal is Lab 710 concentrate from nugs not trim for $35 (Regular $45).

4/20 Extravaganza continues:
All caviars $15/gram. (reg. $25.) 12+ different strains, including Whiteberry, JFK, Hawaiian Dream, Golden Goat, Master Kush and more.
Through April 20.

4/20 Extravaganza continues:
Karma Kandy on sale for $9.25 (reg. $13)! 11 flavors, 100mg each.
Sale runs through April 20.

4/20 Extravaganza continues:
All $40 glass pipes on sale for $25.
All of these pipes are handcrafted in Colorado by an artist with over 20 years experience!
Sales run through to April 20.

4/20 Extravaganza Sale, Day Two: Lab 710 500mg Vape Cartridges for $38 (reg. $45)! Available in Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid blends and better flavor and better quality than the leading cartridges!
Sale runs through to 7pm April 20.

Our first sale: Buy an Instant Karma Vape Pen and receive any Wax Bubble attachment for FREE. (Regular retail price, $30).
Sale runs through to 7pm April 20.

New strains in the shop, LA Cheese, LA Woman, Purple Dream, Hawaiian 5-0, Jilly Bean, Armageddon, Bruce Banner, Pure Kush #18 and Mendo Purps.

We also have all of the old favorites Blue Dream, Sour Diesel, Chem Dawg, Island Sweet Skunk, Gooey Mist, Lemon Haze, Durban Poison, White Snoop, Cheese, Headband, DJ Short True Blue, AK-47, SAGE, and Raspberry Cough.

Be sure to try our Sour Diesel, "the best in Colorado Springs"